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Financial Consultation


The objective is clear. To provide you with the information that enables you to select the very best option suited to your investment capacity, ROI requirements, lifetime expectations and TCO’s.

We are always open to putting your own calculations alongside ours for openness and clarity, even for the other alternatives you may be considering.

Light Design


Our starting point is your existing installation or architectural plans. Our analysis is dedicated to generating a truly representative picture of the final result. We produce realistic studies that take account of shadowing, natural daylight and levels of lighting appropriate to usage.

We combine carefully selected luminaires, wireless controls and zoned lighting levels for uniformity and economy.

Control Strategies


Tailored control strategies bring best results.

Using LED lighting over the appropriate times, areas and powers makes a significant difference to economies and lifetimes. Our powerful management systems can be configured for total flexibility to oversee almost infinite scenarios with amazing ease of use.

Management System

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Management Systems connect lighting for multiple benefits. Wireless connections simplify installation. Convivial software allows multilevel control for; management, feedback on performance, information for maintenance and reporting for energy management, all on a secured platform.

Information is available for relevant departments with ad hoc and programmed reporting.

We select the best systems to suit your differing needs.



Installing on site can impact normal operations. We collaborate closely with all parties concerned to efficiently manage the entire process. Wireless control technology vastly simplifies the installation itself and whilst the position of each luminaire is carefully selected, we utilise as much existing cabling and positions as possible throughout the design. As commissioning can even be performed off-site we can guarantee a smooth procedure.

Customer Service


You will benefit from ongoing reporting and services immediately upon the completion of commissioning and training.

Ongoing support includes programmed reporting and helpdesk assistance. Whether you need to modify your controls and settings, add or replace fixtures or require an Ensolve Solutions expert to advise on anything else, you can count on us being readily available.


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