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Adding value through

expertise and approach 

Who are we?

We are a strategic energy consultancy specialised in the lighting sector. We bring you the brightest solutions for your eco-friendly future, from services to supply with turnkey and financing.

'Here at Ensolve Solutions we believe firmly that the extra mile brings results over and above great salesmanship or lowest cost products. What makes us SMART for you is that we bring cost effective solutions with our dedicated team sharing in a single philosophy, delivering only the very best.'

Stuart Harris, Managing Director 

Our goal is to design and implement intelligent lighting, tailored to your locations. We optimise energy consumption, minimise environmental footprints and provide the lighting you need. With our know-how we support you every step of the way: from in-depth studies to implementation. Attentive to divergent demands, we incorporate lighting from basic commercial through to many specialised requirements including ATEX and   BRC standards.

Our partnership with several major brands in the industry does place us a very privileged position. But for us to be fully independent, we can always select from outside sources in order to propose only the very best for the job.

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4 Bellevue Mews, London,

N11 3HF

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)203 445 0543

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