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We provide summarised economic studies with full working details available,  so the data speaks by itself.

Evolution of Electricity Consumption

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Correct financial analysis has to take account of the dynamic changes that take place over the lifetime of your installation. Increasing energy costs, modified lighting requirements, building modifications, recycling requirements, product replacement and maintenance costs. No-one can predict the post Covid future, but projections over a strategically relevant period can help the decision-making process, mapping out the financial advantages that the optimal choice can deliver.

Current operational costs over 10 years

What are your Current maintenance costs ...

Core assumptions new lighting

The Indexed Electricity Costs (£/KWh)
And the Energy price inflation*

Current energy costs ...

And your Total annual operational costs ...

New operational costs over 10 years

What are the New energy costs ...

The Investment ...

New maintenance costs ...


- State-of-the-art technology
- Increased light levels when necessary
- Connected light management system
- Environmental benefits
- Performance guaranteed
- Minimal maintenance costs

And the Net savings over 10 years ...

Net savings over 10 years



The key findings of the proposed areas in your Site follow: these findings are divided into three groups: lighting, installation/maintenance and controls.

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