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You will benefit from ...

... Access to your lights
wherever you are.

Once your lights have been connected to the Cloud platform, we create accounts for you and any colleagues or staff that you want to grant access. With this account, you can log in to the Cloud dashboard wherever you are to manage and oversee the lights at the distribution.

... Valuable insights by
email and in the cloud.

One of the benefits of connecting your lights is that they will provide you with valuable data. Not only about their own performance and energy consumption, but also about the way your building is being used. Depending on what you are looking for you can access this data in the cloud and receive periodic reports by email.

... A mobile app for quick
adjustments in exceptional situations.

Regardless of how accurately your lighting schedule matches the operational requirements, there will always be special occasions that ask for a temporarily light level adjustment. For those exceptions, we offer the Switch App (available for Android and iPhone). This mobile app allows local users to quickly adjust the lighting level for a group of lights, without having to change the standard settings.

... Remote support and
suggested improvements.

Whether you need help to change your settings, add or replace fixtures in the software or want an expert to go through your installation to see if there is any room for improvement. With Luxon Support & Optimizations you can count on our team of experts who stand by ready to help you out.

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... Automatic
software and
security updates.


... Error notifications
by email.

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... Advanced

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