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Sustainable, better lighting with maximized savings at no effort.

 The Management Systemt it is easy to use and generates actionable reports. It automates compliance with regards to fire and safety regulations of emergency lighting and sends out notifications.

Simply pick the best luminaires for your application. Is independent and supports all lighting fixtures and all common driver types globally.

how it works

How does it work?

Nedap Luxon’s user interfaces are intuitive and very effective to work with. There’s no clutter: Luxon shows exactly what is relevant to you. This allows you to make better decisions and optimise your operations and assets.

User Interfaces

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Every luminaire or sensor is a source that delivers lighting system status info, such as energy usage and motion sensor information.
All this data is securely stored in the Cloud. Nedap Luxon translates this richness of data into actionable information.

Secure Cloud

Nedap Luxon enables users to manage lighting
within all their business locations online using one system. This allows for easy management of all sites connected.

Multiple Locations

Combine light control strategies by adding sensors, switches and pre-configurated time schedules to make sure lighting is only used where and when needed. This will help you to stop wasting energy. Result: significant savings.

Components on location

Luxon Light Controller

Our local gateway installed on-site. This is the brain of our system, which allows for wireless light management, even in the exceptional case when there is no internet connection...

Luxon-enabled luminaires

Luminaires equipped with a Luxon loT Node or Luxon wireless Activator. This makes them wirelessly
addressable, controllable and connected to the internet.


Add motion sensors to make sure lighting is only used when an area is occupied. Daylight sensors ensure artificial light is only used in case of insufficient natural light.


Switch on or increase the light level manually by using physical buttons or the Luxon Switch App.

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