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Actikleen - dirty lamps

Lighting has to face up to the challenges of dirty environments both indoors and outdoors: dust, oil, vapours, grease, bird droppings, pollution and the general build-up of dirt… Our innovative solution resolves these problems in protecting against the accumulation of dirt on all lamp surfaces with a permanent water repellant surface 




A transparent hydrophobic mono-layer which permanently protects all surfaces against dirt .


A water repellent coating.

Lighting levels are protected from dirt, dangers from overheating are reduced, maintenance requirements are cut and a clean environment is maintained.




•Permanent protection

•Easy to apply

•Fast and efficient results

•Transparent and colourless


•Bio degradable

•Great time saver

•Environmentally friendly

•Anti graffiti,…

•Can be applied to virtually any smooth or porous surface: glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, metal or plastic

•Protects against grease and oily projections and atmospheres, chemicals, dust, vapours and frost...

•Renders the surfaces waterproof.


Major Features

•Maintains light levels

•Reduces maintenance

•Saves time

•Savings money

•Keeps the workplace cleaner

•Eliminates the need for chemical cleaning and high pressure washing

•Green product

•Protects a tool essential to productivity