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Actikleen - dirty environments

Urban and Industrial Installations have to face up to the challenges of dirty environments: dust, oil, vapours, rust, calcium, grease, saline atmospheres, chemical products, glues, graffiti, bitumen and more. Our solution to these problems are twofold:


A hydrophobic/oleophobic transparent coating applied before or after installation which protects the surface... Permanently.


•Excellent and permanent adhesion

•Protects against projectiles, rust, mud, oil, ice…

•Works on the majority of surfaces

•Creates a protective seal to the surface

•Protects against graffiti and posters…

•Any cleaning is easy, non-intensive and dirt just wipes away!



An innovative liquid or gel to renew dirty or defaced surfaces rapidly and without dangerous chemicals.



•Easy to use

•Fast and efficient results

•Transparent and colourless


•Bio degradable

•A huge time saver

•Environmentally friendly

•Anti graffiti,…

•And applied without needing protective masks and clothing


The Advantages


•Dramatic reduction in maintenance

•Time saver

•Money saver

•Maintains a clean environment

•Eliminates chemicals and pressure cleaning

•An environmentally friendly solution

•Reduces cleaning times and down times

•Protects against frost, pollutants, deposits and abuse