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About Us

Our comprehensive, structured approach puts us at the forefront of our industry in terms of the development and implementation of highly cost-effective, lighting programmes.


Lighting - only when its needed and where its needed


When it comes to energy efficient lighting there is more choice every day. But the sheer number of different products and specifications available can be overwhelming. Add in the proliferation of sensors and control systems that might bring additional value and things can get even more complicated. So much so that even for those who are involved day-to-day it is still pretty difficult to keep up with all the different options available.

Our mission is to present best of breed hardware associated with appropriate controls to optimise energy usage. Our partnership with industry leading brands places us in the privileged position of providing the very best solution to individual scenarios.

Lighting is a complex subject if treated correctly. Our approach takes into consideration all aspects of our clients lighting requirements. Some of them readily identified and others that reveal themselves as the result of a systematic approach that takes into consideration all aspects of a lighting installation; the economics, lighting levels, usage and quality.

We can work with your own electricians or contractors and provide a solution at each stage of a project, with full turnkey solutions where it is beneficial to our clients.

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